Established in 1985 with the aim to use new materials developed by modern technology to create a complete new range of interior and exterior decoration elements and garden ware that replicate natural materials originally used to build and decorate humanity architectural heritage that we all cherish today.

The main objective is to enable architects, designers, and individuals to continue creating in style, naturally warm and cozy living surroundings for their projects, and to realize these projects in the minimum possible time with the least effort and cost, eliminating the need for artisans who rarely exist any more.

A complete range of polyurethane moldings and accessories, for interior and exterior use elegance within reach.

Reinforced GRP cladding sheets for interior and exterior use. The real old stone without workmanship costs and extended time.

All kids fun, energy, and enjoyment for public parks private gardens and kinder gardens play grounds.
Wood imitation rustic beams and accessories to add warmth and coziness to whatever place where people humanely meet.

Polyethylene garden ware for landscaping and interior use. Perfect natural look, with best quality and performance technology can offer.